Quality Of Service

This is a guide for if you're experiencing bad call quality/ Calls dropping with your iPECS Cloud phone system & how to resolve this.

If you have an iPECS Cloud phone system experiencing call quality issues such as one way speech, calls dropping or crackly lines, then this can be resolved by doing the following.

Firstly, you will need to get in touch with whoever it is that looks after your router so that they can log in to the admin interface and adjust these settings. 

If you are experiencing these issues on desk phones

We recommend setting up a particular static IP range for the phones to start with. Which may be found under LAN/ DHCP settings depending on the model of your router. 

Once done, there are some ports that need opening for the affected IP range. 

5588 - UDP

20000-60000 - UDP

If you are experiencing these issues on cordless devices

These are slightly different as there would be a base station for the phones, so the adjustments are made for the base station rather than for the individual handsets. Again, we recommend setting the base station on to a static IP as this will prevent further issues from happening in the future.

The ports are as follows:

506o - UDP

16384-17384 - UDP

All of these settings would usually be done in bandwidth control/QoS (Quality of service) on the router admin interface. Depending on the router model.