No SIP Reg Troubleshooting

This guide is to help with the basic troubleshooting steps if your cordless handsets are displaying the 'No SIP Reg' error message.

The first step to trying to resolve this, is to see if your internet is online. If it's offline, then this will be the issue as to why you are experiencing the issue.

If your internet is Online then, the next step is to try and reboot the Base station. Which will look like either of the following. 


This is simply done by pulling the cable out of the back of the base and then plugging it back in.

If after rebooting the base station, you're still experiencing the issue. Try Rebooting the Router. Wait for the internet to come back online and then test the phones again. 

If once all of these steps have been completed, call our Technical support department to raise a ticket and one of our engineers will take a look into this for you.