Turn on your night service

How to turn night mode on, on your cloud system.

- From your handset, dial 538.

- Dial '0' for Company.

- Press '2' for Night.

- All calls from this point on will be directing to where they usually go after hours.

- When you want your phones to be back to normal, you need to do the same process but select '1' for day mode.

- If you would like this to be an automatic process. Repeat the process and then press '0' for Auto (Switches according to your business hours).

Please note if you have it selected for Day/Night and not on Auto you need to manually switch it yourself otherwise it will not change according to your business hours and will remain in whichever is selected.

If you are doing this for a temporary closure (Holidays etc.) and you wish to upload a greeting for while you are closed, simply go through the process of accessing your Voicemail and select the option to upload a greeting.

However, this will overwrite what you have in there currently and will have to be re-recorded upon return.

If you are unsure on how to access your Voicemail.

- Press Voicemail

- Press message

- Press 2

- Enter your password and follow the instructions given on the handset.