Record a message for your voicemail

Recording a Voicemail greeting for your cloud phone system.

To record a new voicemail greeting, there are two ways you can do this. One being through the iPECS portal, and the other is through one of your handsets.

To upload on the portal.

- Record a voice file on your mobile and upload that on to your PC. Alternatively, can be emailed to ''

- Once uploaded to your PC, you will need to convert to a wav file using a wav converter online. (16bit, 8000khz, mono)

- Then you need to be in the portal. Under company, Voicemail service, company schedule. Create a default profile for all days.

- Click browse and upload your greeting you have saved.

To do this through the handset you need to go through the regular steps for accessing your Voicemail on the handset, but select the option to set your greeting rather than listen to messages.

To access your Voicemail.

- Press Voicemail

- Press message (The button with the envelope on the handset), followed by dialling 2.

- Enter password (This is usually 1234. Unless you have changed it).

- This will then read off some options. Select the option to set a greeting and then record through the hand piece.