How to change an extension name on Cloud

This is a quick guide on changing the name of a user on your phone system

Firstly you need to Login to the Manager portal, After your phone system was first installed you should have received log in details for this as well as a link to the portal. If you are unsure of what your login details are you can contact us and we can give these to you.

Link to Cloud portal -

Make sure you are logging in as a Manager as opposed to a user.

1 - Once you are logged on, navigate to 'User'.

2 - Then select 'User setup'.

3 - Once you are in User setup, search for the desired extension number in which you would like to make the name change.

4 - When you have found the extension, simply click on it (Not the check box, anywhere along that line).

5 - Press Modify

6 - Under Name simply enter the new name and click save. This will now be presenting the new name.