Changing Auto Attendant ring assignment

Quick guide on changing what each Auto Attendant option does.

Firstly you need to Login to the Manager portal, After your phone system was first installed you should have received log in details for this as well as a link to the portal. If you are unsure of what your login details are you can contact us and we can give these to you.

Link to Cloud portal -

Make sure you are logging in as a Manager as opposed to a user.

1 - Once you have logged in, go to 'Call Manager' on the left hand side.

2 - This will display lots more options, you want to select 'Auto Attendant’.

3 - Under 'Auto Attendant', select 'Scenario Define'.

4 - Under the 'Scenario' drop down menu, select which one you wish to edit and press search. Then select the Scenario which shows up on screen and press 'Modify'.

5 - Under 'Digit Setting'. Select which option you need to change *Each number on the left represents what happens when you press that option*

*We recommend making a note of the number that the digit is currently being forwarded to before making any changes to avoid future complications*

6 - After making a note of the existing number (For future reference in case you would like to switch back). Enter the number you would like that number to. (For any external number e.g. mobile, enter '9' followed by the number)

For example - '907756195389'

7 - Then confirm and save all changes.