How to upload a greeting

Quick guide on uploading a greeting message to your iPECS Cloud phone system.

Fistly, Login to your iPECS portal. You will have received these login credentials when the system was first installed. If you need these feel free to contact Sirus on 0333 222 1133 and we will provide you with these. *When logging in, ensure 'Manager' is ticked.*

Link to portal:

Once logged in, click on Call Manager. This will display some more options to you.

Select Group Settings, again this will display some more options to you.

You need to select Hunt Group. Click on which Hunt group you would like to modify, and then press the Modify button.

Hunt group

Select Browse under the greeting header. This will open up your documents, you will need to find where you have saved the greeting message you wish to have on your system.

Also, enter the duration time in the highlighted box above, This is how long the greeting will play for. If you wish to have the whole message played then it may take some trial and error to get this to play correctly. Once done, hit save.

If your message file fails to upload.

Follow this link in another tab:

Upload the file to this site, and convert it to be:

- 16 bit

- 8000khz

- Mono

This is done below where you upload the file. Save this and re-upload the new file, where you previously tried to upload it on the iPECS portal.