How to block a number on Cloud

How to block a number on iPECS Cloud.

Firstly, Log on to your cloud portal with the credentials you should have been given when your system was first installed.

Once logged in;

- Go to 'User Setup'

User setup. block number

- Once in 'User Setup', Select the user that you wish to block calls on.

- Click 'Modify' as highlighted above.

- Scroll down until you can see 'DN Based CID Routing' as highlighted in the image above.

- Once in 'DN Based routing', Select 'Add'. As shown below.

block number cloud

- Once you have clicked 'Add', it will bring up the following.

block number cloud-1

- Enter the number you wish to block in the first box under 'Incoming CID'.

- Enter '0' in the 'forward destination' box. This will send it to a number that doesn't exist.

- Click 'Save' as highlighted above.

If this number were to try and dial your number to this user now, it will simply beep on their end and go nowhere.