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Creating a second Profile on your handset

Guide to Creating a second profile on your LIP handset, Ideal for taking phone home if LCM system.

To do this;

- Plug the phone in at home

- It will display Set (*) Restart (#)

- Press the star (Set)

- Enter the password which is 147*

- Select Profile By pressing OK

- Go down to #2 and press OK

- Select Network Configuration

- Press 2

- Select DHCP and go Back two steps.

- Press 2 again on system configuration

- Select Call server and enter the public IP where your phone system is located. (To get this, simply search 'What's my IP?' and make a note of this. Copy this IP address into the phone, for a '.' use '*' on the handset. Once entered press OK.

- Press 3

- Select Remote

Hit the speaker button and confirm the reboot by pressing OK. You should then be able to make calls.