Changing your broadband details in your router

Guide for changing your Broadband credentials in your router if your Broadband has changed providers.

- From your PC (Connected to that new router) search for command prompt under all programs, and type ipconfig and enter this. Look for 'Default gateway'. You will need this IP address.

- Load up a web browser and type in the address bar the IP address next to the Default gateway from the last step. (This will be something along the lines of '192.168.x.xx'

- This will load up a your routers login page (Typically either a Draytek or TP Link if provided by us).

Your username is generally admin and your password is typically your sirusSTL account number, unless managed by a third party IT company.

- Once logged in, go to Network, WAN Settings, then on the section with 'pppoe' click edit on the right hand side.

- Under WAN service setup, in PPP username and password enter the credentials we would have provided you with in an email before your BB transfer date.

- Once the username and password have been entered and password confirmed, hit save and reboot the router.